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Dr. Danielle Richardson OD
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"Dr. Richardson was particularly awesome - she gives a very thorough and relaxing eye exam, very warm personality and she explains everything in a helpful way and seems to really care. I was really impressed."

-Josh S., Yelp 

"Dr. Richardson does a wonderful job making patients feel comfortable and is smart and practical." 
-D.S, Yelp 

"I saw Dr. Richardson at Zak and it was the best experience I’ve ever had at the eye doctor. She was very friendly and knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable...I’m so glad that I found Zak and Dr. Richardson. Thank you for a lovely optometrist experience."

-Sonia B., Zocdoc 



     Dr. Danielle Richardson is a glaucoma certified therapeutic optometrist from Indianapolis, Indiana. She's a graduate of Indiana University and holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Biology and Doctor of Optometry. Dr. Richardson has practiced in New York, Texas, and California and has a wealth of experience in several optometric settings. She is certified by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry to treat and manage ocular disease and currently practices in Los Angeles at Zak where she serves as the West Coast Director of Clinical Care. She specializes in LASIK surgery co-management and modern eye care issues like contact lenses, dry eye, and Digital Eye Strain.

     Living in the digital age presents unique challenges for our eyes and Dr. Richardson understands an evolving world requires evolving eye care. She spends time understanding each patient’s unique visual demands and provides a personalized eye care experience. Her patient treatment arsenal includes the latest optometric technologies like digital device lenses, computer progressive options, specialty contact lenses, and blue light protection to ensure comfortable and clear vision even after staring at screens all day.

     Dr. Danielle is also the author of The Glow Up Journal and runs a holistic wellness company, Fierce Clarity, where she hosts wellness retreats, yoga classes, and pop-up events for professional women to help manage stress and avoid burnout. She has been featured in publications including Rolling Stone, Eyecare Business and Invision magazine as a wellness expert and contributor on the subjects of work-life balance, holistic patient care, and stress reduction techniques.

     Dr. Danielle Richardson is currently on maternity leave until August 2024 but accepts new patients in Los Angeles via + ZocDoc.




"Dr. Richardson was outstanding, she was very professional and made me at ease, walking me through every step of the exam. She was also very helpful in answering every question I had and recommended great eye drops for me to help with my allergies! Dr. Richardson also was kind enough to help me find the perfect frames and was very informative about picking the right lenses for my prescription and lifestyle! Dr. Richardson made my experience wonderful, I will definitely be recommending her to everyone I know!"

-Lillie B., Yelp 

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